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Why Choose Markland?


Walkability, Conditioning, and Challenge...

An extremely walkable yet challenging design, along with exemplary course conditions are what makes Markland special. New tee renovations have recently achieved a length of over 6400 yards from our back tees.

Location, Location, Location...

If you don't live or work close to the course, you won't get out to play very often! Proximity to the course is a key factor in how many games you will play! Located on Bloor Street, just west of the 427, the MWGC is in the perfect location.

A Friendly Atmosphere... 

It's easy to find games by booking in advance, joining a group on the tee sheet, or walking on. The club is filled with like-minded golfers. Junior development is always a focus as well, making it easy for families to enjoy the experience.