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Wireless Communication Policy

In order to ensure the enjoyment of the Clubhouse and Golf Course for our entire membership, a policy has been put in place to regulate the use of wireless devices. This policy shall encompass all electronic communication devices such as cell phones, Blackberrys, pagers, and any other similar devices.

It is the responsibility of every member to inform their guests of the following regulations:

  • While at Markland Wood, all wireless devices must be switched to silent mode or turned off.
  • Wireless phone conversations are restricted to the parking lot or other non-populated exterior area, but not near the front entrance to the Clubhouse.
  • Any wireless phone conversations inside the Clubhouse shall be limited to emergency calls only. When a member or guest receives such a call they are to remove themselves to an area of the Club that is not currently occupied. An exception shall be made for rooms that have been booked through the Club’s catering office for a private meeting.
  • Any wireless phone conversations on the golf course shall also be limited to emergency calls only. Such calls must not impede on your groups pace of play.
  • Email and text messaging may be used anywhere in the Clubhouse and on the golf course. In these instances members should be considerate of others and use their devices with discretion.

We ask that all members respect this policy ensuring minimal disruption to other members and their guests.  Violations are to be reported to the manager on duty.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation.

The Board of Directors