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Why Choose Markland?

Easy to Walk

An extremely walkable yet challenging design, along with exemplary course conditions are what makes Markland special. Recent tee renovations have recently achieved a length of over 6400 yards from our back tees for the longer hitter, but the scenic walk is there for all to enjoy. 

Location, Location, Location

Your proximity to the first tee is a key factor in how many games you will play.  Markland could not be easier to get to from downtown, Mississauga, west Toronto, or north of Pearson.  Do yourself, and your guests a favour and join a club that takes the long commute out of the equation.

You'll Find the Perfect Fit

It's so easy to find games as we allow booking in advance, joining a group on the tee sheet via our mobile app and online tee sheet, or simply walking on. The club is filled with like-minded golfers, and our staff serve as your concierge. Allow us to help build you a network of golfers that are always looking for a game! 

Membership Options

  • Trial
  • Intermediate (age 20 - 39)
  • Corporate Player
  • Clubhouse (Social)

Come Play Where you Belong!

Join as a Trial Member and sample everything that our full members enjoy! As a trial golfing member of the club you are able to:

  • Play in club events and entertain guests
  • Book your games in advance, online, in person, or by phone,
  • Enjoy the convenience of having a club account for all incidentals & purchases

Our club is a close-knit community that enjoys great course conditions and a welcoming atmosphere.  

Trial Membership Benefits

  • Unlimited play in 3 categories of tee access
  • Locker, club storage and cleaning, GAO handicapping included
  • Play in several member competitions and events
  • Unlimited range access & full guest privileges

Playing Times

  • All of our trial memberships offer unlimited play in 3 categories of tee time access.
  • ​Play according to your schedule, participating in many club competitions and social functions/events as well!
  • With advanced online booking, walk-on times, and our welcoming members, getting an enjoyable game is an easy task.  


How will I get familiar with the club?

A detailed orientation will season you with knowledge of the club, and our club ambassadors will help you with finding games.  

What happens after my trial?

The club will provide a proposal in September of your trial season. Additional discounts are available on Entrance Fees for groups, Seniors (75+) and for short term payments.


Earn your Entrance Fees!

Intermediates are not Part-Time members at Markland! We treat our younger players to a terrific experience as they enjoy the same rights and privileges as our more senior members. 

For those aged 20-39, our club provides a comfortable, perfectly located place to play that is always in great condition. 

Play 7 days a week, and participate in a ton of club events as well! 

What's Included?

  • Locker, club storage and cleaning, GAO handicapping included
  • Play in select member golfing events
  • Full guest privileges
  • Earn Your Entrance Fees by receiving yearly credits towards Initiation

When Can I Play?

Our Intermediate members enjoy industry-leading access to the tee 7 days a week with minimal restrictions while benefitting from reduced annual dues and seasonal flexibility.

Advanced online booking, walk-on times, and our welcoming members all help to make getting games easy.  


How am I earning my Entrance Fees?

With every year of dues paid, you will earn a stored credit that you can apply to your entrance fees on the year that you turn 40. Until then, enjoy playing at the club with no need to invest a large sum for initiation!   

It's as much a Partnership as it is a Membership!

Local executives and professionals can experience convenience and exclusivity through our flexible Corporate Player Program (CPP, for short!).  

Enjoy entertaining your guests and clients in style with access to great service, perks & privileges with a private club membership free of entrance fees, assessments, or F&B minimums. 

Your Executive team will have full access to meeting spaces and clubhouse amenities while sharing a package of prepaid foursomes. 

Enhance your business development at a club that understands what a modern corporate membership should look like!

Basic Benefits

  • Clubhouse status for up to 6 company designates, with club account for billing
  • Conduct meetings and host functions at the club at reduced rates 
  • Access to numerous social reciprocal privileges at other exclusive private clubs in the city

Golfing Benefits

  • CPP members enjoy a package of pre-paid foursomes that can be used by the team of Executives that have enrolled.

  • Advanced online booking is available, enjoying ample access to the tee Monday through Friday, as well as access to practice facilities.  


Are Entrance Fees required?

No, they aren't. The CPP is a style of membership that can be opted into by a company on a year-to-year basis.

Furthermore, no assessments or F&B minimums are ever required.  

Make our Club your 2nd Home!

A neighbourhood club like ours provides you with a comfortable atmosphere in which to entertain your family and guests, clients or customers.

Clubhouse membership at Markland is very rewarding!

What's included?

  • Year-round dining and entertaining options 
  • Limited pay-as-you-play access to the golf course, with guest privileges
  • Access to banquet and meeting space
  • Club account for billing 


Do I need to pay entrance fees?

Clubhouse members are welcome to join the club without entrance fees. This program works perfectly for local businesspeople who would benefit from occasional access to a private club without major commitments.  

May I play golf?

Absolutely!  Our Clubhouse members are provided limited personal and guest golfing privileges.

Clubhouse members are also welcome to register for clinics and lessons to help develop their game.

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